Press Release The Power of Quit Smoking & Gutkha Tobacco!

Press Release The Power Of Quit Smoking Gutkha Tobacco qsg kit

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, 16-04-24,  Quit Smoking & Gutkha Together! is pleased to announce the launch of its groundbreaking platform dedicated to helping individuals quit smoking and gutkha consumption. With a focus on providing expert guidance, supportive community, and effective solutions, Quit Smoking & Gutkha Together! aims to empower individuals on their journey to a tobacco-free life.

Quit Smoking, Gutkha & Tobacco Together! Launches Innovative Platform for Tobacco Cessation

The platform offers a comprehensive approach to tobacco cessation, incorporating scientifically proven methods, healthier alternatives, and a supportive community to aid individuals at every stage of their quitting journey. Whether individuals are just beginning their journey or are navigating through the challenges of quitting, Quit Smoking & Gutkha Together! is committed to providing the tools and support needed for success.

“At Quit Smoking & Gutkha Together!, we recognize the importance of addressing tobacco addiction in a holistic manner,” said Dr Kartavya Agravat, founder of Quit Smoking & Gutkha Together!. “Our platform offers a range of resources, including expert guidance, supportive community, and effective products, to empower individuals in their quest for a healthier life.”

Key features of Quit Smoking & Gutkha Together! include the QSG kit – a pack of three products specifically designed to aid individuals in their tobacco cessation efforts. The kit provides a comprehensive solution to quitting smoking and gutkha use, helping individuals overcome their addiction and improve their overall well-being.

“We are excited to launch Quit Smoking & Gutkha Together! and provide individuals with the support they need to quit tobacco for good,” added Dr Bharat Agravat.  “Our mission is to help individuals reclaim their health and vitality by breaking free from the cycle of tobacco addiction.”

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About QSG Wellness

QSG Wellness initiative by Dr Agravat Healthcare Ltd, QSG wellness is an innovative, people focused personal care company driven by the belief that happiness, well-being, and wellness go hand in hand. QSG wellness strive to provide innovative products uniquely formulated with supportive ingredients, all backed by science, in a delivery format that makes taking your daily supplements delightful!

For more information about Quit Smoking & Gutkha Together! and its range of products and services, please visit [QSG About Us] or Below contact information.

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Quit Smoking & Gutkha Together! Welcome to Quit Smoking Gutkha – Your Journey to a Healthier Life Begins Here! Agravat group Celebrating over 60 years of helping smokers and tobacco quit. How Smoking & Tobacco affect you ? How do I quit Smoking and Tobacco chewing. Quit Smoking and Tobacco tips. Get tips on how to control cravings.  Whether you're taking your first step towards quitting or navigating through your quitting journey, our products are tailored to guide and empower you at every stage. We're here to provide the tools, support, and expertise needed to pave your way to a tobacco-free life. * Expert Guidance * Supportive Community * Effective Solutions: * Healthier Alternatives * Comprehensive Approach * Scientifically Proven Stay motivated with a support program that delivers advice, tips, coupons, and more, straight to your inbox.

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